Venus Necklace

Venus Necklace

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This necklace is one of the biggest and baddest of this collection. It is a powerful combination of quartz and amethyst. The pendant is approx 2.5-3 inches  in length, it is a statement piece bound to catch the eyes of everyone you pass in the streets. 

27.5" Inches in Length

Amethyst and quartz is a powerful combination of stones to centre yourself within emotional ups and downs, remaining in a state of equanimity. While the quartz balances and rejuvenates your chakras and vital energy, amethyst strengthens your intuition and deeper consciousness. These stones can be used to intentionally dispel any anxiety and unsettled emotional downs you are having. 

This necklace was handmade in my studio by electroforming copper onto the crystal. Each piece takes 6-10 hours to complete and the finish is a unique and raw piece of jewellery. 

NOTE: All stones are natural, you may not receive the one in the photo, every piece is wonderfully unique.