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Earth to Spirit
Earth to Spirit

Earth to Spirit

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This necklace is a powerful piece, joining the grounding properties of obsidian and the intuitive and transient energy of turquoise. Together they have feet on the physical world and spirit in the spiritual one. 

28" in length


This dark stone is known as a protector and a grounder. Obsidian helps the wearer embrace their darkness and clear negative energies or patterns that you carry. It connects to your root chakra, stabilizing your energy and bringing you back down to earth. 


Turquoise is a stone that encourages communication between your physical and spiritual world. It's a stone that can be used in meditation to help you trust your intuition by opening your third eye or allowing a channel for your soul to express itself through your throat chakra. It is a stone that embodies both male and female energies creating balance and inner realization while offering a protective energy to the wearer. 

This necklace was handmade in my studio by electroforming copper onto the crystal. Each piece takes 6-10 hours to complete and the finish is a unique and raw piece of jewellery. 

NOTE: All stones are natural, you may not receive the one in the photo, every piece is wonderfully unique.