Milky Quartz Necklace

Milky Quartz Necklace

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This stone is more accurately called Milky Quartz or White Wisdom Quartz. 

It is formed by many bubbles of unsolidified fluid that were encased in the crystal when it was first formed. This particular formation of quartz triggers your higher consciousness and mental clarity. 

Quartz is a stone mostly known for it's ability to take on the wearers energy and harmonize it from your root chakra all the way up to your crown chakra. This refreshes your energy field and helps you feel stable and grounded. 

This necklace was handmade in my studio using milky quartz and electroforming copper onto the stone. Each piece takes 6-10 hours to complete and the finished product is unique, raw and embodies the earths energies. 

This necklace hangs long, right around your heart chakra (boobies!).