Pre-Order Smoky Quartz Choker

Pre-Order Smoky Quartz Choker

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All holiday pre-orders will be finished and shipped out by Dec 3rd at the latest so you have them in time for the 25th! 

Please note: The new shipment of crystals are smaller than the image shown and are approx 30-40mm in length

I am not taking specific crystal requests however if you have a size preference you are welcome to leave it in the notes. 


This is the most badass of the badass necklaces. There is a large copper bar that cradles a medium size piece of smoky quartz that hangs just below your throat. It's a stunning and incredibly unique piece.

Smoky quartz is a powerful stone to help you move through life's more tumultuous emotions and memories, work through them and come out on the other side resilient and embodying your fullest potential. Its connectedness to our root chakra gives you a sense of stability and strength. 

These rings were handmade in my studio by electroforming copper onto the crystal. Each piece takes 6-10 hours to complete and the finish is a unique and raw piece of jewellery.