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Tala is a purveyor of meticulously handcrafted gems that combines alchemy and raw crystals for the witchy, bohemian, holistic soul. 

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One Year an Electroform Artist

One Year an Electroform Artist

It’s been a full year since I moved to Toronto with my lover and set up a home studio to grow this mystical crystal world I live in. I had a fairl...
Quartz, The Mother of Crystals.

Quartz, The Mother of Crystals.

Quartz is everywhere at the moment. If you walk out your door and observe the people you encounter on a regular basis, you will find little pieces ...
Maybe it was the Moon

Maybe it was the Moon

My heart feels so full writing this post because for the first time in my life I feel so aligned and so driven to actually pursue what I want. I've...


I purchased the Rose Quartz Mama necklace and Moonstone ring at a market recently; from the moment I saw these pieces (along with every other one) I was totally in love. The crystals used and the care put into the copper electroforming is like no other jewellery out there. Tala Design Co’s pieces don’t only make me abundantly happy when I wear them but so many others based on the comments I get about these stunning pieces. Can you tell I love the hell out of my pretties (cannot wait to add to the collection!)?!

Abigail Lee

Beautiful pieces made with so much care and thoughtfulness! Krystin is incredibly warm, patient and knowledgeable - her pieces are made with great quality and I would certainly buy from her again. It wonderful to find a local business that has so much heart

Amy Lavendeer

I love what this woman makes! Krystin puts so much thought and care into her jewellery designs. I have several pieces from Tala -- some custom -- and they are all stunning and so unique. Krystin was exceedingly patient and warm while working with me on the custom pieces, and I am so grateful!! I can't wait to add something else to my collection! Great service, great product, great human.

Amy Maclachlan

Most unique designs I've ever seen for crystal jewelry! AND their Canadian made 😍 They're stunning art pieces that you can wear! I pretty much wear my moonstone tear drop ring religiously. I want to buy so many. Thank you for your beautiful creations! .

Santana Rose

such beautiful jewelry! love it------ nice work

Cassie Wright