Is Copper Good for Me?

Asides from looking rad copper is an essential mineral that is found in our skeletal system, liver, heart, brain and kidneys. Together with iron, copper aids in your red blood cell production and is mostly known for how it treats arthritis pain. While the connection is not fully understood, a study with 240 people with arthritis showed significant results for pain in patients who wore copper bracelets verses those who wore a placebo bracelet. 

Will My Skin Turn Green?

All jewellery is sealed however with repeated use and if you wear your rings in the shower or wash your hands with them, over time the sealant will wear down. When the copper is bare it allows your body to slowly absorb the goodness copper has to offer without overwhelming your body. This happens when your skin turns green! Many people confuse this with a “cheap metal” but it actually indicates the goodness the copper is doing for you. If you don’t like being green however you can easily wash it off. This typically happens in the summer months when you’re sweating or if you have an acidic diet that reacts more easily to the metal. Either way, there is nothing to worry about if your skin changes colour. 

How Do I Care for my Copper Jewellery?

These beautiful gems are easy to care for. I would recommend taking off your rings and necklaces in the shower or when applying lotions. Please please please do not wear in the pool, the chlorine or salt water will be very hard on your jewellery. 

Over time, if the jewellery sealant wears off with repeated wear, your rings and necklaces can easily be shined right up using a little lemon and salt and gently rubbing the metal. Try your best to avoid rubbing the crystals because some are softer than others and can result in the crystal being damaged (no hard chemicals for cleaning!).


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