Maybe it was the Moon

Maybe it was the Moon

My heart feels so full writing this post because for the first time in my life I feel so aligned and so driven to actually pursue what I want. I've made jewellery for years but have always put off the launch of my business. 

I would work on it here and there but my attention was split with other means of income, travel, wine and Netflix. This pattern continued for (do I dare tell you ...) years. 

The stars must have come into alignment or something because there is a drive and fresh flow of energy I haven't experienced in years. Right after the eclipse our world was flooded with strong, leo, full moon energy and I felt like I was catapulted head first into my path, as if the universe was saying "no more dilly-dally shit from you." 

The last month and a half has probably been the most productive, creative, filled with love (so every piece of jewellery is buzzing with the same energy!) and finally a faith and trust in the universe that this is exactly where I need to be. It's been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but ultimately the most fulfilling journey. 

I've also decided to stop feeling bad about all the time I spent abroad, drinking and beach hopping because I've taken so much inspiration from my environments and channeled it into my work.

Australia inspired the bohemian jewellery I create, filled with cowrie shells, macrame knotting and a general warmth and beachy feel to pieces.

The UK inspired the wiccan jewellery, using electroforming to melt copper around stones (magic!!) and working with large crystal points, wands and double terminated stones in a range of pieces. 

Finally, my home in Canada has inspired the "Cosmic You" necklaces. It's here that I began, always return to and feel grounded and aligned. My spiritual connection with this land and the friends and family I have here has lead me to astrology, meditation, reiki healing and tarot. From this more inward path "Cosmic You" was born, astrological chart necklaces that use your personal sun, moon and ascendant zodiac signs together in one necklace. 

When I create, make jewellery, shoot Tala and work towards this path, I am so full of love and a sense of happiness that every necklace, bracelet, set of earrings and rings are filled with the energy that was used to make them. I know you will feel the same magic when you wear them!

I am so excited to share this bohemian, gypsy, wiccan jewellery with you.

Lots of Love




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