Alchemical Magic

Quartz, The Mother of Crystals.

Quartz is everywhere at the moment. If you walk out your door and observe the people you encounter on a regular basis, you will find little pieces of quartz hanging from their necks, ears and arms. It comes as no surprise as to why this beautiful stone is so popular.

You may have heard that quartz is a stone of harmony, aligning our chakras, cleansing and releasing the energies we carry and dissolving blocks either energetically or mentally, quartz has rightly earned its name as the master healer. But, something I learned that most people I chat with haven't actually heard is how much of a role shape, clarity and placement play into the properties of crystal. In esoteric crystal lore, the way in which the crystal grows is very significant. The six facets on the point of the crystal represent the six chakras, from our base root chakra to our crown chakra. When used for healing, a single crystal point positioned away from the body is meant to draw out energies while pointing it towards the body is meant to draw in energies. This makes it such a wonderful aid for meditation. 

Quartz is one of my favourite stones to work with, it is timelessly elegant and so healing. One of the things I am focused on with Tala is creating a space for the people who wear my work through the stones. Quartz is a great way to do this because it so personally attunes to the wearer bringing clarity and healing into their bodies.