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Herkimer Diamond Necklace

Herkimer Diamond Necklace

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These herkimer diamonds glitter beautifully in the sun. Both the diamond and the chain are fine, sitting delicately around your neck on an 18” chain. 

Herkimer Diamond, a unique and sparkling quartz crystal, primarily aligns with the Crown Chakra. Its connection to this energy center promotes spiritual awareness, clarity of thought, and heightened consciousness. This crystal is cherished for its ability to amplify psychic abilities, making it a favored tool for meditation and spiritual exploration. Herkimer Diamonds are also believed to enhance energy flow throughout the body, helping to balance and align the chakras, making them a valuable asset in energy healing practices. Embrace the radiant energies of Herkimer Diamond to elevate your spiritual journey and promote mental clarity.

This necklace was handmade in my studio by electroforming copper onto the crystal. Each piece takes 6-10 hours to complete and the finish is a unique and raw piece of jewellery. 

NOTE: All stones are natural, you may not receive the one in the photo, every piece is wonderfully unique. 

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