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Inner Finery

Inner Finery

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Elevate your style with a lapis lazuli and copper necklace, exquisitely crafted to showcase a raw-shaped crystal. The deep blue hues of lapis lazuli, accented by the rustic warmth of copper, come together in this unique piece that effortlessly marries the raw and the refined, creating a statement of timeless elegance for those who appreciate distinctive, handcrafted jewelry.

18" Chain, fine style

High Grade Lapis Lazuli


Lapis lazuli, with its rich deep blue hue and golden flecks of pyrite, has been revered for centuries as a symbol of truth, wisdom, and inner vision. It is often associated with enhancing one's communication skills, helping individuals express themselves with clarity and confidence. Lapis lazuli is primarily connected to the throat chakra, which governs self-expression and communication. When this chakra is in balance, it enables one to articulate thoughts and feelings effectively, promoting open and honest dialogue. Working with lapis lazuli is believed to activate and harmonize the throat chakra, facilitating personal growth and fostering better self-awareness and authenticity.

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